Chris Gayle Becomes Too Bold on Twitter

Shashi / 06 August 2014

As the name suggests, Christopher Henry Gayle means sheer fun. No matter, he is on-field or off the field, this giant will surely come to limelight and recently, his tweet made the world stunned. He made a hilarious tweet recently and no one could have been able to make such a tweet unless his name is Gayle.

His CPL team, Jamaican Tallawahs are running through a high time and they won 3 of their last 3 matches in a row and it is no surprise that the party for the wins are bound to be huge as the Jamaican giant likes partying.

But the thing which he tweeted about was really daring and quite appear to be offensive to some. He openly tweeted about having sex after the party! This is indeed hilarious. He has over 1.63 million fans on twitter and he tweeted so that everyone could know about the fact that he was about to have sex.

As a result of such a tweet, several controversies arose as this is the first such incident that occurred. A sportsperson had never tweeted with such dare about such a fact! But this is Gayle. He has been a pure entertainer on the field and now he has started entertaining his followers even off the field.

During his stay in India, he had been involved in several such incidents but none of them came to much of a limelight. As a leader, he is indeed a great person but such things are never expected from a team captain and his don’t care attitude has once again brought him to controversies.

Recently, the Jamaican has returned in run scoring ways in the CPL after he suffered from a bad patch in IPL and also in West Indies’ home series against New Zealand. Surely, he might have got overwhelmed at his success which made him to tweet as such.

Here is what he tweeted about:

 Gayle's tweet

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