Chris Gayle in trouble after making sexist remarks yet again

One of the most consistent batsmen in the shortest format of the game, Chris Gayle is now showing the same amount of consistency in picking up controversies this year.

The 36-year old who was blesses with a baby girl a few months ago has once again hotted himself into a tangle after the things he said to a female journalist representing the Times.

Gayle earlier this year said, “Your eyes are beautiful, hopefully, we can win this game and then we can have a drink after as well. Don’t blush, baby.” Asking tv reporter Mel McLaughlin out on a date on live television and was criticized for doing so.

But now, it seems that he took a step further and made some sexist comments when talking to Charlotte Edwardes in a recent interview.

He claimed to have “a very, very big bat, the biggest in the woo world,” before adding:, “You think you could lift it? You’d need two hands.”

Edwardes also claimed that Gayle asked her how many black men she ‘had’ and also if she ever had a ‘t’awesome.

The hard-hitting opener also spoke about women equality and explained that in the Caribbean, women are not afraid to express their opinion.

“Women should have equality and they do have equality. They have more than equality. Women can do what they want. Jamaican women are very vocal. They will let you know what time is it, for sure,” he said.

The reported then asked Gayle if men should take up the responsibility of household chores and Gayle had something interesting to say.

He said, “No, that OK. [With a baby] then she doesn’t have to [cook]. We can stop and buy a meal. If she’s working, then the couple share. First person home, cooks.”

However, he went on to say that women should make sure that they give everything her man needs.

“Women should please their man. When he comes home, food is on the table. Serious. You ask your husband what he likes and then you make it,” he added.

He also spoke about homophobia and revealed, “The culture I grew up in, gays were negative. [But] people can do whatever they want. You can’t tell someone how to live their life. It’s a free world.”

Though it is pleasant to see a player open up about what is there in his mind but his controversial statements at the start of the interview are set to land him in some big trouble especially after the incident in January this year.

Do you think Gayle should be banned from the game if he continues to make such comments?


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