Cricket Australia to use new statistical measure

Krishna Chopra / 02 December 2015

In T20 cricket, assessing the effectiveness of a batsman is indeed a hectic task. As of now, no accurate method has been derived, which tells us the genuine impact a batsman has on a T20 game. There are a few methods such as average and strike rate, but they surely don’t tell us the entire story. For instance, a lower order batsman like Darren Sammy might not have the best batting average, but as a match winner, he probably is one of the best.

Cricket Australia in the meantime, has come up with a unique statistical measure to devise the efficiency of a batsman. Steve Stern, an individual within Cricket Australia (CA) is on the verge of devising a new method. “We wanted to really challenge our traditional thinking on averages and we got him involved in reviewing some of our stats. “Particularly in the T20 format, we’re coming up to the BBL and having a good look at what stats we use and how we can do better,” said Pat Howard.

“For example how people start their innings – obviously every ball missed or wasted is something you’re going to need to review,” he added. “Looking at the mix between scoring shot percentages versus the ability to get on with it from the get go.”

“Scoring five runs in the final over of a T20 is not very good but doing that in the first over is pretty good,” Stern said. “You really need to look at when the runs happen in a game, not just how many somebody scored. Is it a pressure situation or not?” “There’s 20 overs and 10 wickets so getting out is nowhere near as big a deal when compared to a Test,” Stern said. “The tradeoff between losing your wicket and scoring slowly is totally different. “Theoretically there should never be a dot ball at the end of a first innings.”

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