Cricketers become ministers in our Cricket Ministers XI

Dipayan Saha / 06 July 2015

Ever wondered if Indian cricketers decided to join the ministry, how would it look?

Which cricketers would have been charge of what ministries?

Check it out!!


1) Umesh Yadav – Heavy Industries Ministry


Umesh is the fastest bowler in the Indian team. He clearly likes to work hard and is the the best person to be in charge of this ministry which requires a lot of hard labour and toiling.

2) Anil Kumble – Civil Aviation Minister


Anil Kumble was called ‘Jumbo’ by his teammates as his deliveries, for a spinner, were ‘as fast as jumbo jet’. We definitely need a personality like him to be in charge of the aviation department as he can go as fast as a jet. 

3) Suresh Raina – Sports and Youth Development Minister

Hailing from a small town, studying in a government sports college and then becoming the key player for the Indian team, Raina has travelled from the lowest to the highest platform and is the best candidate to look after the development of sports and youth in the country.

4) Ajinkya Rahane – Railways Minister

Rahane is considered to be a technically rich batsmen whose strength lies in his timing and swiftness. To manage the largest railway network in the world, we need a cool and intelligent guy like Rahane, so that our trains travel swiftly and punctually.

5) Rohit Sharma – Home Minister

When it comes to home soil, no player is as dangerous as Rohit. With already two blazing double hundreds in ODIs in India, it is best that internal matters are left to him.

6) Sourav Ganguly – Fogeign and External Affairs Minister

Dada led India valiantly and courageously in the foreign turf like no other captain had done before him. His success outside India earned him the respect from many personalities, both domestic and international. He first showed us how to take back the fight to the opposition in their own backward which makes him the perfect guy lead the foreign ministry.

7) Rahul Dravid – Defence Minister

When it comes to defence, no one dares to mess with ‘The Wall’. We have seen him defending any kind of bowling attack in the field and over the years hardly any cracks have developed in this wall. With Dravid heading the nation’s defence, its people can afford to have a sound sleep.

8) Ravichandran Ashwin – Finance Minister

In a time when bowlers get brutally hammered in the hands of the bowlers, Ravi Ashwin has been able to keep his economy rate quite healthy with his tweaking spin bowling. He is the best bet to lead the nation’s finance in these rough economic scenario.

9) Virat Kohli – Deputy Prime Minister

India’s Test skipper will be ready to fill in Dhoni’s shoes once the latter retires from the sport. Kohli’s aggressive attitude, exceptional batting skills and flamboyant lifestyle makes him the second in command in the ministry.

10)Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Prime Minister

Captain cool has given India almost every possible glory present   in the cricket world. From T20 World Cup to the ICC Cricket World Cup, from Champions Trophy to the number 1 position in the Test matches, India has achieved a lot under his leadership. Dhoni has simply redefined the very meaning of captaincy . At this moment he is ‘the’ guy who is most capable of leading the nation.

11) Sachin Tendulkar  – President

‘If cricket is my religion, Sachin is my God’

This list is incomplete without the little master, who served Indian cricket like no other player has done. This ‘God’ is undoubtedly at the helm of the cricketing fraternity and it is our honour to put him at the helm of the ministry.

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