Masakadza Runout
Masakadza Runout

The big stage was set for the big tournament the “T20 World Cup” and all players were gearing up for the tournament. The Zimbabwe team who came here with a hope to qualify for the next stage decided to bat against the Hong Kong side. Their batsmen gave a good start to the team. Masakadza gave a much needed aggressive start by smashing few boundaries and was looking in good touch but in between the experienced Mazakadza invented a new and fancy way to get himself out by committing a silly error.

He played the second bowl of the third over towards mid-off and, as usual, started running for a run but on the way he was lost in dreams, Masakadza forgot to put his bat inside the crease neither his bat touched the ground, nor his foot was in the crease. Both his bat and his leg were flying in the air and he was declared out.
Experienced Masakadza was disappointed with himself and it was quite difficult for him to digest that he has been declared out because of a silly mistake. This act is not at all a good lesson which he has passed on to the young players who admires him.

The runners are well aware of the electric fielding and efforts which fielders put down to deny even a single run to the batsman.

Talking about the story of silly run outs, one of the famous story regarding the most bizarre run out in the history of cricket cannot be completed if we do not include the silly run out of Mayank Agarwal who was playing for India A against the visiting Australia A last year in the final of tri-series. He completed the run and was safely standing in the crease, and then what happened was a big big foolish act by him. Mayank saw the ball approaching towards him instead of moving left or right from the bowl the young batsmen jumped so as the ball do not hit him and the ball straight away kissed his stumps and he was declared out. That is the worst run out in the history of cricket till now. Mayank was stood still for few moments as it was hard to believe that he has committed a suicide.
In today’s world when the fielders put down their best efforts so as to save even a single run, these acts are really disturbing for the cricket fraternity as it’s hard to believe that runners still are so lenient towards their game. But surely this incident has opened the eyes of many and players will surely learn a lesson from this incident.

We hope that Masakadaza does not repeat the silly mistake in future as already Zimbabwe has bleak chances to qualify for top 10 stage and these run outs are nothing less than a cry.

Zimbabwe won the match by 14 runs.

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