23 May 1999: Sachin Tendulkar of India reaches his century during the Cricket World Cup Group A match against Kenya played in Bristol, England. India won the game by 94 runs. Mandatory Credit: Craig Prentis /Allsport

Passion for cricket and commitment to winning matches are not comparable with losing the dear ones in one’s life. For a professional cricketer, it is a game which helps them to see a perspective of life through the lens of failure and success. They learned life-changing education, but when it comes to cricket commitment and losing the dear ones, say parents, there are only a few cricketers who chose cricket as their teams needed them.

These cricketers opted to play for their team when the most unpleasant news comes from their home. They visited home only after completing the responsibility.

Virat Kohli:

In 2006 when young 17-year-old talented Virat Kohli lost his father when his team was facing  Karnataka on the last day of the match. His team was needed him to bat. The tear was rolling down from Kohli’s young cheek as his father Prem Kohli, 54, took his last breath at 3 am due to a heart attack.  Kohli’s family allowed him to play the innings and waited for him until he got out.

Opposition Karnataka was confused after getting the wicket of Kohli at 90 as they have seen how a 17-year-old boy turned his pain to determination and played one of the remarkable innings of his life. His innings saved Delhi from the jaws of defeat. Kohli got out at around 12 pm. He has seen the replay of his dismissal and convinced that he was not out. He then quietly removed the pad  and told his teammate that he has to leave now  as his father would be cremated at around 3.30 pm.


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