Dale Steyn encounters a deadly black mamba

Saurav Kapoor / 07 February 2016

While South Africa are taking on England in a 5-match ODI series, one of their players has been taking on something rather unexpected….. a snake. Dale Steyn, who is by far the World’s Best Bowler at present has revealed his encounter with a serpent on his Instagram account. And it isn’t just any snake that we are talking about, Dale Steyn came across one of the deadliest snakes in the world… a black mamba! The No.2 ODI bowler in the world is sitting out the series vs England because of a shoulder injury.

Steyn and his friend thought that they were helping out an injured, harmless snake who had been hit by a car somewhere near the Kruger National Park but much to their surprise it turned out to be a deadly Black Mamba.

Steyn posted the video of his encounter with the reptile on his Instagram and was happy to leave the snake alone. 

“So this poor guy was hit by a car, we stopped to move him out the road thinking it was a brown house snake… Got a little too close and then realized what we were actually dealing with! Mr Black Mamba! This post is not to show how brave we were, it’s to show that if you don’t know what you dealing with then best you leave it alone! Lesson learnt! #phalaborwa #wildouthere #blackmamba Ok few people saying it could be a Mozambique spitting cobra…? Others I’ve shown have said mamba…”

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