New Zealand‘s spin bowler Daniel Vettori, who turned 36 on Tuesday, has persisted that top order batting line-up getting run out really has to stop as it could cost the team an crucial match, ahead of the International Cricket Council World Cup.

Daniel Vettori is now the new record-holder for the most One Day International Test appearances for New Zealand on Sunday, during the hosts’ series-clinching win in Dunedin over Sri Lanka. reported that pivotal run outs during the game caused perturbation in an otherwise blazing batting line-up, especially the mix-up between Ross Taylor and Kane Williamson.

The veteran spinner said that a top order batting line up that is first six batsman should never get run out and also added that he believes it is a dissipate of dismissal just for only one run. He said that if those players can remain there as long as possible they would make up that single at some level.

Vettori also added that there is surely no delight at the amount of run outs and it is not something New Zealand wants to carry on. He said that it really has to stop because it could cost them a crucial match.

Kane Williamson put his head down and ran with great speed to comeback for two, and Taylor was always jogging for a single. It was chaos when they realised they were not on the same page.

Williamson got out for 97 runs. Ross Taylor was downhearted but somehow managed with 96 runs of his own to move the total past 300.

Daniel Vettori said that it is and it is tough to heal and also said that there is conflicting times throughout a match, pressure situations where the running becomes a little bit tougher.

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