When it comes to Rivalry in the Cricketing World Australia and England are on top of it, and The Ashes is quite a prove of it. When questioned about the 2005 Ashes Test series Former England’s Captain Michael Vaughan revealed that it was Darren Lehmann‘s advice that helped Team England to claim the Ashes in 2005. The Ashes of 2005 is regarded as one of the best Series between the Aussies and England as it was in that Ashes were England put an end to Australia’s dominant run of 16 long years and registered their Ashes win.

Vaughan was the skipper of England during the 2005 Ashes Test series, marching his troops leading England to a victory, Vaughan wrote for The Telegraph stating “As a captain of Team England I always turned to two people for their knowledge and advice outside the team set up. He further added that he understood why Alastair Cook wants to keep everything within the team boundaries, but Vaughan found it very refreshing to communicate with people from outside the team England and take their opinions about the game. Out of all the people I have talked to I have never mentioned anyone’s name but for now I would definitely say Darren Lehmann was one of them. Lehmann was an outstanding player for Yorkshire and had an smart cricketing brain, something which England has discovered at their cost recently.”

He further added, “I spoke to him a lot during my first year as a captain in 2004.” Vaughan didn’t approached Lehmann during the Ashes 2005, but he said he was more than prepared for the series by the ideas he received earlier from Lehmann. The important advice among the whole conversation was to ensure that Vaughan had a team with no extra baggage i.e., guys who have lost number of tests to Australia. Lehmann was very important with his ideas about the game and small frequent chat about the team strategies, his advice about how the game should be played helped team England to bag the Ashes Test series and break the dominant rule of Australia.

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