Darren Lehmann to reslove Mitchell Starc issue personally with Shane Warne

Shashi / 18 December 2014

Darren Lehmann, the coach of Australia Cricket team would settle the matter personally with the legendary spin bowler Shane Warne regarding his comments on Mitchell Starc after he ached heat distress during the first day of the 2nd Test at Brisbane. The media also reported that He also suffered an irritating back pain.

Shane Warne had earlier lamented that Mitchell Starc dearth presence in the match as he finished with no wicket for 56 runs. He also said in a report that his behavior and attitude has to be more difficult. He just looks a bit nonchalant. A bit bended shoulders.

Darren Lehmann however did not take it in a superior way what Shane said to the media. Darren added that has he not heard that, Warne used those comments which is very rude and harsh. He will take that up with Warne himself. He also added that at the end of the day it was a very balmy day and it was hard work for a pace bowler on a very good pitch.

Although the words might sound rude, Shane Warne was pretty right as the statistics say that he was dropped 10 times in the 14 Tests he has played till now.

“There is no real existence with Mitchell Starc. He would like to watch him really own the batsmen and let them know he is around. He does not have to say anything, it is just his presence and his attitude which matters.

Mark Taylor supported Warne, who described Starc as ‘erratic’ and ‘inconsistent’ to which as well. He is got to bounce back there. Help his crew out, added Warne.

Shane Warne done his time. He is clearly done significant things for Australian cricket, but he has done and dusted now, and Nathan Lyon’s the spinner. They are all supporting Nathan to do his job and if Shane Warne wants to come out of retirement and give it a crack, good luck to him.

Image Credit: dailytelegraph

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