Sports has been a major occupation throughout years. Many earns a lot by sports, mainly first world, 2nd world ‘s sportsmen nailed their name into the Forbe’s list. India first made an entry in this list by ‘GOD of Cricket’ Sachin Tendulkar. Few years back he was listed in top 100 athletes. Along with Sachin Tendulkar one more name attached from Indian sports and that is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He has been in that list since 2012,but this year he is remarkably ranked in the recent Forbe’s list. He is the only one from Indian sports who occupied a space in top hundred highest paid athletes.

In 2014, the name who occupied the first place is Floyed Mayweather. Floyed is the only sportsman along with Tiger woods who earns 100 million $ annually. Many popular sportsmen like Tiger Woods,golfer; Roger Federer, Lawn Tennis player; Rafael Nadal , Lawn tennis player; Lionel Messi,Catalan Footballer’s name have been settled in the top ten list. From Third World country, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the only Athlete who was listed in the recent list of highest paid athletes by Forbes.

Dhoni’s Total earning is like $30 Million, or nearly Rs 177Crore, and endorsement worth rupees $26 million or nearly Rs 153 crore . He is the idol of recent Youngishtaan. Thats why many company has endorsed on him for their business purpose. These industrialists just want to sell their product, as  Dhoni  is the face of young India, they targeted Dhoni for Sponsorship.

The first question arises in our mind that How he become Youngishtaans Idol?

He is one of the greatest Captain of Indian Cricket team after Sourav Ganguly who led India to the path of Victory, not only that he gave Indians two cricket World cup. He is the only national captain who clinched all three ICC trophies.

Many Companies like Spartan Sports,  Amity University tied up with Dhoni and deals with his signed bat worth of $4 million or nearly 23.6 crore  Annually in late 2013. Reebok was also paying him $1 million or 5.9 crore per annum.

Forbes does not evaluate this ranking on only basis of Sponsorship moneys. It also includes prize money, appearance money, bonus money during 2013 – 2014 economic calendar.

If we compare this statistics with Ranked 1 person of this list, we may see,  Floyed Mayweather earned $105 million or 620 Million Ruppees in just only in 72 minutes spend in Boxing ring by his punching art. In that 72 minutes he defeated two players, Canelo Alvarez and Marcos Maidana. He ranked one in Forbes consecutive two times in last three economic years.

If Dhoni plays for three or four year more,he could be placed in top ten Highest paid athletes,if he do that he will be the first one from third world country.

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