One of the biggest positive sides of India in this ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 was the performance of its pacers and MS feels that the trio of Shami, Yadav and Mohit should not be burned out by forcing them to play more domestic cricket.

Yadav took 18 wickets, Shami took 17 and Mohit took 13 Wickets making a total of 48 wickets out of 72 wickets taken by India in the World Cup. They were not able to support India only in the semifinals against Australia in Sydney which India lost by 95 runs.

Dhoni is very impressed by the trio and feels that this core group of bowler should be nurtured and BCCI should take care that their respective state associations should not force them to play Ranji Trophy.

When asked how to protect this bowlers Dhoni said that there is a problem they have been facing from long time that once a fast bowlers completes his international assignment and goes back, he is forced by his state association to bowl for them in the domestic matches of the association and so also there is no check in the numbers of overs they are asked to bowl.

The skipper asked BCCI to protect and closely monitor this unit as they can be proved to be India’s key in future overseas tours.

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