Dirk Nannes criticise Australian players 'horrendous sportsmanship'

Sudipta / 16 November 2015

Former Australian and Netherlands bowler Dirk Nannes rebuked Steve Smith lead Australia for not appreciating Ross Taylor’s record-breaking innings.

However, New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor is not annoyed by the gesture of the Australia players as the batsmen got out after scoring a record-breaking 290 at W.A.C.A, Perth. Australian players did not shake hands with Taylor when he was taking off the field. But, Taylor said it was just a “coincidence”.

Asked whether he was unhappy as none of the Australian players to congratulate him, Taylor said, “When I get out I just walk off the ground as quick as I can.” “I don’t want to stay out there any longer than I have to.”

Taylor said when he got out, he was the last batsman so Australian players were celebrating on the other end of the ground. “I got out on the far side of the boundary and they were all congratulating him (fielder) and I was walking off as fast I could,” Taylor said.

“I’m sure it was a coincidence more than anything.”

The fielder was Jon Wells, who was fielding as a substitute of injured Usman Khawaja. So, when Australian players were congratulating their teammate for his first international catch Taylor left the field well ahead of the bowling side.

However, Taylor received the standing ovation from the NZ dressing room. However, in contrast to Australian players NZ players have congratulated and shook hands with centurion David Warner. This issue had led former Netherland and Australian bowler Dirk Nannes taking a dig at Steve Smith’s team on ABC Radio

“Not one person from the Australian camp went and shook his hand,” Nannes said on his capacity as an expert commentator for the ABC.

“It’s not that hard.

“You don’t have a guy bat for a day-and-a-half out there and not even acknowledge it. 

“That’s just horrendous sportsmanship.”

Meanwhile, Adam Voges, who scored a hundred in the fourth innings along with Steve Smith had duly acknowledged Taylor’s innings, which also applauded by the Australian changing room. Voges described Taylor’s innings as “amazing”. “I think, to a man, we all clapped Ross for every milestone that he made (during his 374-ball stay),” Voges said.

“We all clapped. It was an amazing inning.

“And I shook his hand at the end of play today.

“I think the game has been played in wonderful spirit so far.”

Here is what Nannes said:

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