Discarded Pakistani bowler in controversy again

Krishna Chopra / 02 May 2016
Discarded Pakistani bowler in controversy again

Discarded Pakistani off-spinner Saeed Ajmal is in controversy yet again. As per reports emerging in from Pakistan, Ajmal urged the pupils of his cricket academy to protest publically, in order to boost his chances of selection. Ajmal hasn’t represented Pakistan in any form of international cricket after enduring a poor tour of Bangladesh post the 2015 World Cup.

In the Pakistan Cup game in Faisalabad, where Ajmal represented Baluchistan, kids of Ajmal’s academy raised placards in the stadium, as a way of demanding Ajmal’s selection back in the national side. Along with Ajmal, banners for controversial batsman Umar Akmal were raised as well.

A statement in  a Faisalabad daily read, “Off-spinner Saeed Ajmal has been working hard to secure a return to international cricket ever since he was forced to remodel his action, leading to a fall from grace that saw him go from the best bowler in the world to a Pakistan reject struggling to take wickets in domestic competitions.”

“In his desperation to return, he has called upon every resource at his disposal, including telling the kids at the Saeed Ajmal International Cricket Academy (SAICA) to show up at the Iqbal Stadium in Faisalabad, where his Balochistan side was taking on Islamabad in the ongoing Pakistan Cup. The kids were asked to cheer him on during the match and were handed signs calling for Ajmal’s return to the international fold,” the statement added.

While elaborating on the subject, the statement mentioned, “A group of around 50 players from SAICA lined up outside the stands with placards and banners expressing support for Ajmal and right-handed batsman Umar Akmal.“We want to see Saeed Ajmal back in Pakistan team,” said one banner.

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