New Chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board want Test matches to be of four days and the number of overs should be increased from 90 to 105 per day. This means that though there will be a reduction of a day in Test matches (if this model is approved) , but in terms of overs , this will lead to a reduction of just 30 overs per match.

Earlier the former ECB chief had proposed for a 40 over International Ond Day matches and maybe we may hear them proposing a 10 over model soon.

This first came into public after a document was leaked. Colin Graves will officially start his tenure in May and has had discussions with new ECB chief executive Tom Harrison on the new County Structure and also the English Premier League, something which England wants to build following the steps of India and Australia.

He added that the four day match should begin at 10:30 and then can carry on a bit late as almost all the grounds have lights now. Also, he focussed on the financial aspect, calling it a savings of a good amount of money. He wants the matches to start on Thursday and finish on Sunday. A reduction of a day will help in saving a lot of money in terms of the grounds facility and broadcasters.

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