It was a big relief for the West Indies players when they got to hear that they are still allowed to participate in the IPL. It was expected by the fans and experts that BCCI might just ban the West Indies players to play in the IPL. However, it wasn’t so. The BCCI clearly said that it has issues with the West Indies Cricket Board and not with its players.

“There is no question of stopping those (West Indies players) from playing in the IPL. Our problem is with the West Indies Board and not their players. Whatever is happening is between their players and Board. The BCCI is not at all concerned with it. We have a contract with the WICB. Also, a lot of these West Indies players are bought by the franchises,” Sanjay Patel told mid-day from Baroda on Saturday.

There are a lot of West Indies players who play in the IPL and to stop them from playing might just lower the interest of the fans. The West Indies players also get a huge chuck of money so they wouldn’t have liked to get kicked out of IPL. West Indies players like Sammy, Gayle, Bravo and many others have huge fan base in India and it would have been tough for the BCCI to ban them.

The BCCI secretary also told mid-day that the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) was interested in sending their team to India to cover some losses. However, the BCCI already entered into an agreement with the SLC. It would have been a good move to invite England because Sri Lanka is already very busy with fitness regimes and many tours before the World Cup. It is not the case now as SLC has accepted the invitation and there is no chance England can come in the picture at this stage. Maybe, the BCCI took decisions very quickly without proper thinking.

“The English Cricket Board (ECB) was also willing to help us by sending their team. But by the time we got their reply, we had already committed to play with Sri Lanka,” said Patel.

    Archit Athani Writer

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