Stuart Broad, the captain of the England’s Twenty20 cricket team is at once a deep soup for criticizing the decision of the umpires regarding continuing the playing amidst lighting whack during the Twenty20 match against New Zealand. He has been fined the 15 percent of his match fee by the International Cricket Council.

Broad took over the umpires Aleem Dar and Paul Reiffel as he believes that they have got hold of a “distinctly average” decision which put the players and friends in danger zone during England’s nine-run defeat on Saturday.

Lightning started bashing from fifth over, but umpires did not hook on the mate until it started showering in the middle of sixth over. But during the period the Kiwi batsmen got enough time for their side to score and win the match and that constitutes the British skipper unpleased. In a post-match press conference, Broad impeached that the arbitrator did not prolong the match because they need to check a box. “Players’ health and safety and crowd safety is very important, and I felt very threatened of the lighting.”

Broad has accepted to pay the fine, but on Twitter he posted his reaction, “Shame to be fined. Back to bland and un-opinionated press conferences. I’m so afraid. Make a line, on to the next game!”

On the other hand, ICC released a notice, in which they stated that Broad has been impeached and accused for the level one felony for throwing inappropriate comment about a participant, coach or match official. If he exercised the same within 12 months he would be incriminated for the level two sanctions and he could be banned for one Test or two ODIs.

According to match referee Javagal Srinath, umpires are the ultimate reviewer when it arrives to the seaworthiness of the ground, weather or light for play. “Whether decisions are the most difficult to reach, but the umpires make the best decision possible, considering all factors into account. Such public criticism is not well for the heart of the game.” He said.

Whereas other outdoor games have the Pacific fortuity plan for lightning strikes like to golf’s Royal and Ancient Club, which states that “no chances should be asked in this regard”, Cricket has no such designs.

However, umpires are often rebuked for hooking up the game prematurely for rain or bad light, and the desire to have a positive event in the game must therefore be balanced against the tiny risk of being hit by lightning in any given post.

The England side is nonetheless, supposing that they have found to defeat unjustifiably as they answered a large performance, producing 172 to six, the highest ever  Twenty20 international score on the area. Bowling a succession of full balls to prevent the fifth over from being exhausted before the rain came would have been against the spirit of the game and exposed them to laugh at.

However, England wants to place the incident in isolation and accumulate on the next match they are failing to play against Sri Lanka on Thursday. All they require is three wins out of three equals in order to qualify for the next haul. They, and the ICC, will be hoping that lightning does not walk out twice in the same spot.


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