“Form is temporary, but class is permanent”:-

After having a successful IPL series BCCI knocked Robin Uthappa’s doors for international duty. After a long gap of six years he got a chance to get into the national team. Robin’s innings in IPl attracted the selectors’ eyes. The selectors could not help themselves to select a player who scored five 50 plus innings with an average of 46.78, who is in great form.

When Robin was dropped from the national team six years back, he was a middle order batsman, after that he started playing Ranji Tournament for Karnataka. He worked hard with Karnataka team for six years. Not only worked hard, he explored himself quite well. He extracted his best from himself. He improved a lot while playing for this team. He changed his role in the team, from middle order batsman to the opener and this strategy clicked for him. He focused on his new role.

Playing as an opening batsman for Karnataka gave him confidence. His potential reflected throughout IPl and Ranji tournament, so if selectors select him as an opening batsman that would not be a wrong decision. He could play a crucial role in the national team.

IPl 7 is one of his most successful tournaments in his carrier. His consistent performance was good for Kolkata Knight Riders. He guided Kolkata Knight Riders to the path of triumph. Though Kolkata Knight Riders took on as a team well, but Robin’s contribution is not less.

Kolkata Knight Riders bought him as a middle order batsman.They used him as a middle order batsman for one or two matches. He did not click. Kolkata Knight Riders management initially thought that they would utilize him as a middle order batsman, but the later Robin’s proposal made them believe that they could grant him a fortune to establish himself as an opening batsman. Robin knew his comfort zone as he was playing for a long session with a Karnataka team in this position. He was confident that he will not fail as he prepared himself for this position for a long day. After working in this position he clicked and pulled in his trust.

Robin was guided thoroughly by his coach Pravin Amre. Under Pravin Amre’s, surveillance Robin shaped himself a lot. Robin was taught that if he could get his technical action right, he could  get success instantly. So, he concentrated on his basic technical moves. He focused on picking up the bat in the right manner to downswing the bat. He focused on placing the ball into right gaps. He improved his drives also. He was previously vulnerable against lbw, but he improved in this part too. He concentrated on technical playing style over powerpacked playing style which was his greatest improvement among all. Robin concentrated on his overall performance in his new avatar, where he previously concentrated only on hitting sixes. He was not that type of player who could take responsibility, he just knew he had to hit sixes at any cost, but the new avatar of Robin understood that hitting six can gain his score card for instance, he will not be considered as a responsible. match winning batsmen. Robin did not take chances on hitting six, whenever he was fully sure, he took the shot. Otherwise, he handled every ball technically. His blunt bat just turned into a sharp bat.

He is not now only responsible as a hitter he is now responsible as a person as well. Before the Mumbai Indians Match in Cuttack, he was injured while training, his nail was bleeding, he couldn’t straight his toe.

Andrew Leipus (KKR physiotherapist) suggested him to wear a big sized shoe. Jacques Kallis gave him his shoes, but he was uncomfortable with that one. As they bowled in that game first, he got time to adjust with that shoe. In that match he scored 80. He could give excuse to miss that match, but he didn’t. He played with his injured legs.

His new avatar is now having more calm and devastating attitude. Not just his attitude, his acting style also improved since last some years, if he showed himself in national team too, he will secure his world cup national team passport. Lets see how he performs in the national team, if he clicks in some next series no one can stop him from playing next world cup.




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