Well, very often, the prime Indian batsmen face severe criticism for not scoring big on the bouncy tracks of Australia, England and New Zealand. Normally the critics do not give a consideration to the very fact that our players are not used to playing on the fast tracks, thus it is not fair to expect miracles from them. With the help of perfect technique and coaching, tremendous improvement needs to be achieved to enable Indian cricket to survive, especially in the test format. Now, Justin Langer, the coach of Perth Scorchers has categorically explained the reason for non-performance of his team – the magic of Indian spin bowling. He has boldly accepted the fact that it is very difficult for their players to outperform against the effective spin.

“No matter how much you try and prepare, it is very difficult. It’s like when India come to Australia, we have bouncier and faster wickets, which gets harder for them to play. It’s almost like Indians have chillies from a very early age, therefore if you eat chilly it doesn’t really bother you. But if we eat chilly, it burns our mouth, which is the same while playing spin,” Langer said.

He added, “We are brought up on fast and bouncy wickets that swing around and not so much brought up on spinning wickets. So when we come up here, it’s like eating chilly and it is hard to get used to it. I know in Australian cricket there is a focus on becoming better players of spin bowling, but it is something which is going to take a long time to develop. From an Australian point of view, the most difficult thing for Australians is to come and play in India. When we won the Test series here in 2004, it was like the Mount Everest of my career. That was the greatest moment of my career because you always recognize how hard it is to win in India. It is the same for our young group.”

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