There are certain group of fans who will travel with their team around the world. They will be in huge numbers and will travel wherever the team goes. They form a group, choreograph themselves, create some chants and sing it as chorus in the stadium. They believe that it motivates the team they support. They used to target the opposition players more often and try to get under their skins rather than praising their players. England have a group called Barmy Army, which is more famous for the chants they use during matches. Like Barmy Army, India has Swamy Army and Barmy Army, Australia have their own set of fans who concentrate on sledging. It will be an outstanding experience to be in the stadium when these fans are at work. Here are few great chants cheered by the fans.

First is the Barmy Army’s chants against Mitchell Johnson.

In the 2011 Ashes, Mitchell Johnson was pathetic and the travelling Barmy Army targeting him. They were chanting

He bowls to the left,
He bowls to the right,

That Mitchell Johnson,
His bowling is shite!

And they had another exclusive chant for Johnson, whose girlfriend had a series of problems with his mother. So, the Barmy Army sung

His mother hates his missus,
His missus hates his mother,
They all hate one another,
The Johnson Family

Stuart Broad became a sensation among the fans after leading England to Ashes victory in 2009. So, they praised him by chanting

He’s big, he’s bad, he’s better than his dad, Stuart Broad, Stuart Broad

Ricky Ponting was struggling for form following the retirement of Aussie legends. So, in the tune of “Don’t look back in anger” by Oasis, the Barmy Army mocked Ponting and the retired cricketers

Slip inside Ricky Ponting’s mind
He’s trying to find
Some new players to play

He wants to play his older team
But that’s just a dream
They’re too old to play

He said he’d start a revolution in his head
But he’s been through all the players A to Z
Now there’s just a summertime of doom
If he loses the Ashes race
He is going to lose his place
Losing three would simply tear his heart out

So Ricky can wait
Shane Warne is too late
And there’s no Glenn McGrath
Gilchrist’s had his day
And don’t look back to Langer
He cannot play

Even the Legendary Muttiah Muralitharan was not spared by the Barmy Army

Throw, throw, throw the ball,
gently down the seam.
Murali, Murali, Murali, Murali,
chucks it like a dream.
Bowl, bowl, bowl the ball,
gently through the air.
Murali, Murali, Murali, Murali,
Here comes Darrell Hair…No Ball

They even took on the Australian fans directly and shouted convicts at them.

The Indian fans’ Sachin Sachinnn

Australia’s famous chant “Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi”


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