Finally an Australian shakes hands with Ross Taylor

Krishna Chopra / 17 November 2015

Ross Taylor’s epic knock of 290 in the second test at the WACA was marred by a completely unwanted activity. As the New Zealander was dismissed, he was seen hurrying his way to the pavilion.

In the meantime, no Australian player was witnessed congratulating Taylor for his stunning innings and shaking hands with him, as a gesture of positivity.

This did not go down too well with cricket fans, who took to social media, in order to bash the unsporting attitude of the Australians. In fact, former Australian pacer Dirk Nannes too lashed out against the Australians, for failing to congratulate Taylor for his outstanding effort.

However, as the game ended in a draw, the two teams met in the pavilion to share a drink over the game. In that drinking session, finally an Australian was spotted shaking hands with Ross Taylor. It was none other than Australian coach Darren Lehmann, who congratulated Taylor for his feat.

Taylor posted a picture on Twitter, with Lehmann shaking hands with him with a caption, “Look who just shook my hand.” The message was a reply to those individuals, who probably felt that Taylor was upset on get being congratulated by his opponents. It was very smart of Taylor indeed, to post it.

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