With the first test between India and Australia at the Gabba is hardly a week away, a big cloud of concern remain over the first Test. There are doubts whether the first test will go ahead next week after the death of Phillip Hughes. The Test is scheduled to begin at the Gabba next Thursday but Cricket Australia’s chief executive officer James Sutherland said that seemed “a million miles away” as the players continued to grieve for their friend and team-mate Hughes, who died on Thursday.

“Everyone wants to know about cricket and when it goes on, and what’s happenin. We all love cricket and no one loved cricket more than Phillip. Cricket will go on, and it will go on when we’re ready. To be honest, we haven’t broached that subject with the players yet. We will in time. To be honest, they’ve got other things on their mind. I know for many people, seven days doesn’t seem very far away, next Thursday, but in other ways it’s a million miles away. We’ll get there when we can.” Cricket Australia’s CEO James Sutherland said.

Pat Howard, Cricket Australia’s executive general manager of team performance, said the focus was simply on helping the players move forward day by day, and they were looking no further ahead. “We’re not going to talk about the first Test. We know it’s there. What we’re focused on is today. We’ve brought the whole team in. The Australian Test team [is] here. Today is about grieving, about dealing with the questions. We need to make sure the players are in the position where they can make strong choices, and that’s not now. Any choices [will be made] with the Hughes family and where they are and involving them, and that’s obviously not now either … We’ll do whatever we can, whatever the players need to deal and cope with this. We’ll do whatever we can to help and support the Hughes family. We’re going to focus on people first rather than the cricket.”

But former Australian captain Ian Chappell says that the match should go on as per the schedule and it is the right way for the players to deal with this incident. 

“In a strange way I think it’ll be best for the players if they play the first Test. They’ll have to go to the practice nets, obviously, and when they’re in the practice nets, when they’re out on the field playing in the match, at least they’ll be concentrating on what they’ve got to do, how the cricket match is going. Because they know that every know that every moment they’re off the field, whether they’re in the hotel, whether they’re out or whether they’re in the dressing room, they’ll be thinking of only one thing and that’ll be Phillip Hughes. And so I think to get their mind off of that and to realise that as hard as it might seem, life has to go on, I think that’s the best way. They’re cricketers. Playing cricket is probably the best way for them to get back into that frame of mind that life has to go on.” Chappell said.


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