5 Reasons why Rahul Dravid could overtake Sourav Ganguly as the next Indian coach

Krishna Chopra / 22 April 2015

The IPL 8 has commenced and in grand style to say the least. However, there is one significant aspect that is making Indian fans think really hard and wonder. On every morning, fans of the Indian cricket team grab the newspapers to check about the further updates on the topic of the next national coach. The issue concerning the next coach has been a hot topic one, and it has spread through the nation like a wildfire. As per the reports which emerged a few weeks ago, it was said the Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid were the front runners for the prestigious post. Both of them have been undoubted legends of the game and led the Indian side with success.

The previous head coach, Duncan Fletcher’s tenure was done post the World Cup and the manhunt for his possible replacement has been the topic of discussion for the BCCI officials. Fletcher as a coach found moderate success. Under his coaching, the Indian side was the most successful team in ODI’s from 2011 to the end of 2014. However, the same cannot be asserted about his success in test matches. The Indian side was whitewashed twice, and again lost in South Africa, New Zealand, England and Australia. The team’s numbers under Fletcher were dismal. Post the England test matches; his role was reduced as Ravi Shastri took charge as the Team Director. Under him, the Indian side found its rhythm again, and was back to winning ways. Now though, Shastri’s post might be done away with altogether.

In this article, we analyze the five possible reasons which could be in favour of Rahul Dravid, and why he is likely to become the next Indian coach.


5. Style ideally suited for test cricket:

Dravid, in his glorious days was among the best players in test cricket. His ways to approach the game and his understanding of the same provided him with immense success. It is often said that test cricket is the ultimate form of the game as it requires a lot of patience. Who better than Dravid can explain that? Dravid’s calm and composed demeanor is the exact ingredient which the Indians need at this moment. Virat Kohli has taken over as the test skipper and his aggression is his strength. But at times, Kohli might tend to go over the top with his aggression, which may hurt the team’s cause. Having another person with an aggressive mindset like Sourav Ganguly wouldn’t be the most appropriate thing to have. Having Ganguly as the coach would mean that there would be over aggression. Dravid would be the best candidate, as his calm and composed approach would be ideal while suggesting Kohli the strategies. An aggressive leader and a calm coach is the best combo indeed!

4. Enough Experience as a mentor:

Another factor in Dravid’s favour would be that he has a lot of experience as a team mentor and coach. In the IPL, he mentors and coaches the Rajasthan Royals. The pressure surrounding the IPL is at par with that of international cricket. As a result, his experience of coaching a side would come in handy for him and would boost his chances to become the next Indian coach. Sourav Ganguly on the other hand has no such experience.

3. Already acquainted with the Indian side:

Rahul Dravid was the batting consultant of the Indian team for the first two tests during their 2014 tour to England. It was completely unfortunate that Dravid was appointed as the batting consultant for just the two games. In both the test matches, the Indian team batted with extreme precision and discipline. The Indian batsmen respected every delivery which was well bowled. The balls pitched in the corridor of uncertainty and outside the off stump were well respected and left. The patience that developed within the Indian batsmen in the two tests defined a lot of character and maturity. Dravid’s coaching seemed to have done wonders for the team. The Indians batted profusely well on the green Lord’s track and went on to meticulously script a famous win. But, as soon as Rahul Dravid left the team, the old woes were back to haunt the team! The Indian batsmen once again fidgeted with stuff outside the off stump. In the next three tests, the batting was just an embarrassment for the Indians! Dravid’s presence mattered a lot indeed.   

2. Technically, Dravid is the strongest:

Rahul Dravid was termed as the “Wall” and it was for a reason undeniably. When Dravid batted, he stood as firm as a wall against the opposition bowlers. Breaching his defenses was a task next to impossible for the bowlers. Having such a rock solid batsman as the head coach will be a dream come true for the Indians. Dravid can monitor the improvements of the Indian batsmen accurately. More than anything else, he can pass on his tips and share some valuable information with the boys. Dravid is an institute within himself and his advices will do wonders for the team. He can teach the batsmen to withstand extreme game pressure and battle it out against the best bowlers in alien conditions. This has been one department where the Indians have struggled big time!

1. Dravid is highly respected by the team:

The most precious aspect for a coach is that he should be highly respected by the boys in any situation and circumstance. It’s fair to say that Rahul Dravid has earned the highest respect from the Indian side. Even when he used to don the Indian colors as a player, Dravid was often seen guiding the likes of Pujara, Rahane, Kohli and Rohit Sharma as they were new to the game. Dravid as a coach would be highly successful since the respect for him is already there. Due to such immense respect of the coach, the players will whole heartedly listen to him and take cues from him. Dravid’s ability to motivate a cricketer is outstanding and there have been no second questions surrounding that.

Only time will tell though that which legend is selected as the Indian coach. 

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