Fixing scandal: McCullum finally speaks over this issue

Shashi / 26 May 2014

Another fixing saga opens in the middle of the Indian Premier League and this time it’t Brendon McCullum , a member of the CSK team. Luckily, IPL is out of it this time.

Earlier, McCullum had revealed it to the Anti-corruption unit of the ICC that  hat he was twice offered money by a Kiwi player, whom the media has so far called  MR  ‘X’. McCullum calls him as is hero and friend,and adds that in 2008 , he offered McCullum some money to under perform in the matches. It’s still not clear about the match , for whom he was offered to under perform.

McCullum’s testimony  to the ICC Anti corruption unit was leaked on Sunday to a British newspaper. Chris Cairns came to be known as ‘Mr. X’ and then Cairns said he had “no understanding” why McCullum would have said the things he was alleged to have told investigators.

New Zealand Cricket acted quickly on Monday to show its support for McCullum after details of his testimony were published. In a statement, New Zealand cricket  said it was sad that McCullum’s evidence had been leaked to the media and stressed that the national team captain was not guilty of any wrongdoing.


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