Flavours of India : Team India and which Indian flavour might match whom

Paulami Chakraborty / 16 July 2015

India, a country known for its heritage and culture. A country of many colours, many rituals is full of life and enjoyment. When talking about enjoyment, there are two things that the Indians love crazily, their food and cricket. There are manier flavours in the country and they vary from place to place in the sub-continent. What if the two favorites of India be brought together? Let’s find out-

1. Mint :


In a country where summer prevails mostly, mint is a much loved flavour. A glass of mocktail with mint in it brings that cool to soothe the hot summer and talking of cool, it is none but our skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. However the situation be, his mind is calm and cool like a dash of mint. So, a chilled glass of mint sherbet to the name of the leader !

2. Chilli :


If it is spicy, it is Indian. All those red, hot and hitting straight to toungue spicyness is mostly made with the help with chilli. Dried chilli powder, red chilli paste, fresh green chilli; different ingredients but used for the same purpose- hotness. And if hotness is concerned, the Indian cricket team has one name- Virat Kohli. Be it aggression, passion for the game, anger of hot bod, the test skipper has it all. Perfectly seasoned, isn’t it?

3. Salt:

Rohit Sharma

The ultimate element in every meal. You add it all, but if you dont add salt nothing tastes good. Just like an opening batsman in cricket without whom scoring runs, it becomes hard to secure a win. Rohit Sharma, been successfully opening for India and with two double tons after his name, gets the importance in the team as that of salt. Again, if it is added more than necessary, it becomes hard to digest for the one it is served to. Remember how team Sri Lanka tumbled after Sharma served his 264?

4. Tang:


It is the naughtiness that tickles your toungue, the rather childish and full of fun incidents that it reminds to all the Indians has made it a trademark for the teens of the country. From imlee ( tamarind) to aam ka achaar ( mango pickle), we love it all. And the one to add the fun element to the team is sir Jadeja. Be it the jokes associated with his name, or the on field deeds or even the celebrations, he keeps everyone happy and smiling when he is around. So the flavour matches his name like a throne to a king.

5. Sweet:

Sweets are the perfect endings to every meal of the Indians. Be it gajar ka halwa, or the barfee- we need something to do that ‘ mu meetha’ ritual. After a beautiful batting innings, it is a bowler that takes the sweet spot in the like of Bhuvneswar Kumar. He talks less, displays a smile sweet as ‘rosogullas’ and delivers those swingers of his sweetly taking on the opposition’s batting attack and ensuring a victory for the men in blue. And this quality of him makes him the sweet boy of blue brigade.

So, these are the flavours of Indian cricket team. They keep the side balanced like a perfect thaali and keep making us happy and we love them. Hope to be entertained for a long time to come, we wish them a tasty season ahead

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