The ultimate downfall of the ever animated West Indian team is one of the cricket’s saddest tales. The Calypso Kings, who utterly dominated the game once, are now reduced as mere laughing stocks in the game. As per pundits analyzing the West Indians, a major reason for their downfall has been the overdose of T20 cricket. Numerous West Indies players have chosen to prefer their T20 franchises over the national side.

Former West Indies legend Alvin Kalicharan though, feels that the players are not wrong in opting for T20 leagues over the West Indies team. Kalicharan also spoke of his own dilemma to join the rebel series hosted by Kerry Packer. “I won’t fault players if they want to secure their future,” he said. “I didn’t join the Packer circus because I already had a county contract with Warwickshire. And they had told me clearly that if I signed with Packer, they would not renew my contract. Success in cricket was a matter of pride and enjoyment for me. But it was also about adding to my bank balance.”

He added that it was essential for the game to evolve with time. “We have to change with the times. Test matches under lights is fine with me. T20 cricket is necessary and all forms of cricket can co-exist. But we have to restore the balance between the bat and ball.You can’t take away weapons of bowlers. If we had today’s cricket bats, there would have been a shortage of cricket balls. The team bus was the only coach we had.”


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