As we are assured of a washout today in Trinidad, folks it time to turn attention to Florida where a full use awaits both the teams. Yes according to TOI almost 90% of the tickets have been sold out and only 1500 tickets are on the board now which will soon be out of stock as every day passes.

“Only about 1500 tickets remain to be sold now, which means 90% of the tickets are off the shelf already. We’re overwhelmed by the response of the US public to these games. We never realised that the tickets will be bought so quickly. It looks like this would be a sold-out event,” said a BCCI official.

Before scheduling these two games here there were many unanswered questions, Will these T20I’s be a success in Florida? How will BCCI attract the market? Etc.

But the business has turned out to be a huge success as BCCI is expecting income of 2-3 million from these two matches.

This is a big stride towards the success of cricket in U.S.A. and surely cricket U.S. that is in news from past few months will spring up after these two matches.

We will surely see an evenly poised contest in which both the teams will fight it out hard so as to emerge winners in the India. It can be said that here the West Indies team are a bigger force than Indians.

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