Recently it has been a news that the former Indian Captain and one of the best Cricketers from India, Sourav Ganguly is all set to enter into the Cricket administration. Soon. On this note, former Indian Cricket star, Gundappa Viswanath made his viewpoint about this decision and stated that Sourav has made the apt decision. He also added that Sourav’s timing was perfect to enter into administration.

Sourav is presently 42 years of age and Viswanath was asked about the fact that whether this age is too young for Ganguly to enter into the cricket administration. As a reply to the question, Viswanath stated that age never holds a barrier. And according to Viswanath, age has got nothing to do with one’s responsibility to which one is entrusted upon.

Viswanath said that he was of 20 years of age when he made his test debut and he also felt that it was the correct age for him to start playing international cricket. He also told that one should grab whatever opportunity he gets. Sourav will be one of the administrative heads of CAB and it is hoped that he will be elected unopposed. He also said that he scored a duck in his debut test innings but he came back strongly in the second by scoring a ton in the second. He also said that one should not lose hope for this.

Viswanath said that Ganguly has proved himself as a great cricketer and also according to him it is good for the Bengal Cricket as one of the most knowledgeable cricketers is taking up that position.

It is hoped that Ganguly will be elected uncontested as the Joint Secretary of Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) at the 83rd annual general meeting of CAB tomorrow.

We hope to see Bengal Cricket make some optimistic mark in the national level by the inclusion of Sourav Ganguly in its administration.


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