Ever since the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, the spicy cricketing encounter between two traditionally rival countries, viz. India and Pakistan came to a standstill. It has always been a trill to watch the exciting and fun filled encounter between the two. Although PCB has been trying hard to begin the cricketing ties but until recently nothing concrete has been done. BCCI in principal has agreed to hold a bilateral series in 2015 after getting clearance from the Indian Government.

Commenting on the state of affairs when India- Pakistan series are held, Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has stated that “To be honest, it’s really down to the quality of the players involved which makes these games so special. The absence of these games at the international level is hurting the game and I do hope these issues get sorted out as soon as possible and the two great sporting rivals can recommence their rivalry.”

Expressing his opinion on whether the T20 Cricket is helping improve the performance of players as a whole he said “The fact is that the IPL gives a lot of exposure to Indian players to the top level players who are also taking part in the tournament. There are a lot of first class players who may never get to play for India but are able to play against the best players in the game and learn from them as opponents or as team-mates. This really is an important factor in the improvement of their game and can only be a good thing for Indian cricket going forward.”

Commenting on the possibilities of coaching Team India in future Ganguly opined “Definitely. I do want to apply my experience and knowledge to an international or domestic level coaching role in the future. However, as always, it all depends on the opportunities one gets in life, so let’s see, but coaching is definitely something that I would love to do at some point in the future.”

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