Gareth Bale backs Virat Kohli's business venture

Krishna Chopra / 09 December 2015

Virat Kohli’s business venture Sports Convo received a tremendous boost as it was recently backed by Real Madrid sensation Gareth Bale. Sports Convo is like a social networking site meant for sports lovers, where fans can discuss and interact about the game, sharing their views. 

Kohli shared the news through Twitter, where he announced Bale’s inclusion in his business venture. Later, Bale too shared his thoughts on the same and said that he has been a fan of Kohli. “Quite an interesting story really, I have been a fan of cricket for ages and started following Virat Kohli, we got talking over social and he mentioned this idea called “Sports Convo” that he was starting, he sent me more detail on it and me instantly really liked it,” Bale said.

Elaborating about Sports Convo, Kohli said, “Sports Convo was particularly attractive to me as my belief is sports benefits greatly from social media. It provides fans with the opportunity to showcase their opinions and passion for the game. Also allowing me to communicate with my fans quickly and efficiently, which is important as a professional cricketer I am always on the go.”

“Sports Convo stood out for me and delivers all of this and beyond and that’s why I opted to back this business venture. As you may know, I’m a Real Madrid fan and it’s good to be working with Gareth Bale now on Sports Convo. There is a lot of mutual respect between us and I’m glad to have him on board,” Kohli added.




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