Gary Kirsten hails Virat Kohli as a player and as a leader

Sudipta / 09 September 2016

Indian Test captain Virat Kohli is the next  hero in the Indian cricket said former Indian coach Gary Kirsten. The former South African coach is not surprised by the performance of Kohli at the international level both as a player and a leader.

“Virat has been a great captain for India. His talent was always unquestionable. He has led by example with his on-field performances. His leadership at the Test level has worked really well for the national team. The best part about Virat is that he looks so inspirational as a leader in the manner he walks in the field,” Kirsten, who has come to Jaipur to help the Rajasthan Cricket Academy with his expertise, told PTI during an interaction.

Kirsten was the coach of Indian national team when Dhoni was the leader of all three formats but the South African opener is not interested in any kind of comparison on the leadership skill of Dhoni and Kohli.

“Dhoni is a very good captain. I had thoroughly enjoyed working with Dhoni during my tenure as India coach. But since I have not watched the Indian team play all formats on a consistent basis, it will not be fair on me to compare Virat and Dhoni’s consistency levels,” Kirsten was cautious.

He was asked about the ICC rejecting two-tier cricket system , the 48 year old veteran Test cricketer said, “I am fine either way as long as there is high quality Test cricket.

I don’t think it would be monotonous if some of the top nations play each other on a regular basis. But whatever is best should be done.”

Meanwhile, he was also asked about the reservation in the Cricket South Africa team. The question is that in a sport where talent matters will keeping reservation for the certain community will help the national team to grow up. Kirsten said, “I completely support the inclusive policy in national sporting teams. It gives equal opportunity and is truly representative of the values our great nation (South Africa) stands for. It is a bold step in a forward direction. It is a step that addresses the imbalances of past,” Kirsten made his point of view clear.

“It is a strong move something that was needed since it has been 25 years (the cricket team was back in the international fold in 1991) since post-apartheid era and the integration is more necessary than ever. Whoever is a part of South African society should be able to embrace the decision as a citizen of this country. It is a great decision and it has taken 40 years to reach here,” said Kirsten.