Gautam Gambhir donates 4 lakhs to help cash-strapped Indian ice hockey team

Shashi / 14 April 2015

In a nation where its sport is taken very seriously there are many national sports that are facing a crisis financially and Gautam Gambhir the Kolkata Knight Riders skipper has come out to help one such sport in the country.

The two-time title winner Gautam Gambhir has officially donated Rs.4 lakh to the Indian ice hockey team who are having a financial problem in a bid to help them compete in the Challenge Cup of Asia 2015 to be held in Kuwait.

Gambhir who said that he learned about the problem that the team is facing on a radio show and said that he immediately felt a moral responsibility to help a co sporting team and felt that it was a disgrace that it was a disgrace that in a country where sports is a very important component, that smaller sports are neglected and added that he as a national player feels obliged to help the lesser popular sport.

Tsewang Gyaltson, the captain of the ice hockey team said that he was over helmed by the support given to them by the co-athletes and that they are practicing really well and are up for the challenge in the upcoming days.

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