Gautam Gambhir has been penalized by the Delhi and District Cricket Association for his ugly spat with opposition captain Manoj Tiwary. Gambhir has been fined 50% of his match fees by Delhi’s cricketing authorities after he and Tiwary, Bengal’s skipper nearly exchanged blows during a Ranji Trophy game.

The 50% fine though could just be the first punishment for the Delhi skipper, who has had a history of getting into ugly disputes with the opposition players. While the charged imposed upon Tiwary is unknown, Gambhir could even be banned by the DDCA for his atrocious and malignant behavior towards another Indian player.

The situation escalated when Gambhir even went on to push aside umpire K. Srinath, who tried to calm things down between the two. Physically harming the umpire often leads to a player being suspended. In the days to come, a formal hearing over the spat could announce its decision. Gambhir is likely to be given a harsher punishment for his offence.

Bengal player Pragyan Ojha spoke on the matter and said, “I know cricket is a gentleman’s game but when men play, these things happen. This is not the first time it has happened on cricket field and let’s talk about Bengal’s performance than this small incident.”

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