A ‘Selfie’ as defined by google is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. It is the ‘IN’ thing in today’s world and almost everyone is doing it. Cricket stadiums are one of those locations where it’s a common occurence to find people taking Selfies. 

One such incident happened during the Pakistan Vs. Australia 1st match at Dubai. A girl decided to take a selfie while the cameraman decided to take a clip of her busy taking a selfie on live television. 

The funny thing about this incident though was what followed after the selfie. She dozed off, slept off, use what term you may but she along with her friends decided to take a nap soon after the selfie. 

Call it the cameraman’s brillance or the boredom of the game which made this one of the funniest moments since a long time.  

We understand that Test Cricket might not be a interesting as a T20 match or even an ODI match and here is the perfect example for it. 



P.S – We love the spirit of that young girl who took out time to come watch the Pakistan vs Australia test match and this post is to be taken in the right spirit. 

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