Black clouds hovers around the Eden gardens' western side.

When the cricket fans of the city of joy Kolkata getting ready for the World T20 2016’s most anticipated clash at the Eden Gardens, the rain God sent shivers down their spine in the wee hours.

A cloudy morning led to speculation about a thunderstorm and heavy shower that may leave Eden Garden wet and marred fans excitement.

Since the all important cricket match is scheduled for the evening.  If this match does not happen then India’s chance for semifinals berth will  wane.

The metrological department of Kolkata  said, “There are chances of rain and thundershowers in the evening in certain pockets. We can’t specifically say when and where but there are favourable conditions,” said MS Jana, assistant meteorologist.

The speculation started on Friday when the foggy and humid weather brings a headache to the organizer of the match Cricket Association of Bengal chief Sourav Ganguly.

However, Kolkata weather is very fickle, even after warning of heavy thunderstorm nothing can happen and the match can continue as per the schedule.

“If there is a cell, then looking at it, we will issue a warning. There is no cell now but there are small cells forming in certain areas,” added Jana.

Jana clarified that there is no big depression as such especially affecting the city.

“There is a tendency to depression on the axis from Bihar-Jharkhand to the north of Bay of Bengal,” he added.

However, after 1 pm, the sun came out bright and rain looks unlikely. But, at 4.30 pm sky has become gloomy and can come at any time.Now, the fans have only way to feel relieve as the climate of West Bengal is as unpredictable as the game of cricket.

Drainage system of Kolkata 

The drainage system of Eden Gardens has recently been improved. So, it will be a big test for the newly improved drainage system. But, the Kolkata’s overall drainage system is very poor as one hour of a heavy shower can make some of the areas of the city look like a pond. And the flow of water towards the Ganges can be affected because of heavy shower in other parts of Kolkata.

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