Greed of cricket administrators is ruining IPL: Former CAG Vinod Rai

Sudipta / 22 July 2015

Former Comptroller & Auditor Vinod Rai alleged that greed of cricket administrators is ruining the “great concept” like Indian Premier League (IPL).

Vinod Rai, who was first CAG of India, has become a household name since he exposed the million dollar scam in coal block and 2G spectrum allocation during the tenure of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government. He is a avid follower of all formats of the game, made brutally criticised the current system of running the administration of cricket.

In an interview with The Economic Times, Viond Rai said, commercialisation of the game is the root of all problems. “Supreme Court or somebody else who follow the game” have credibility, but not associate with the sports governing body will take the responsibility to clean the game.

He leveled current situation with “emergency”, so like politics there is a need of “President rule”.

“It’s the commercialisation of the whole thing: power, money, those are the things that get together and unfortunately ruin sports bodies. By commercialisation, I mean professionals should be there and be paid but the control of these bodies should not be commercial.”

He also made savage attack on the cricket administrators, who are not connected to sports, for holding the post of governing body too long. “Sports bodies being in the control of people who are totally unconnected to sports is very unfair. It should be left to people who play the game or understand the game at the least.

Unfortunately, sports bodies have become the refuge of people who are in search of lucrative posts.”

Vinod Rai, who always advocated that BCCI should come under the ambit of RTI, asked why these governing bodies are afraid of coming under public scrutiny. He says if they come under public scrutiny then transparency will prevail in sports governing system.









“If they are thrown open to public scrutiny, healthier trends will necessarily emanate and people who are seeking to control them will realize that they have to be acting with probity and that they sit in a glass house where all their actions are available for others to see. Then you will find that all of them are scampering for cover and things will kind of tumble out. IPL is a great property but it’s been ruined by mismanagement by the BCCI,” Vinod Rai stated.

Vinod Rai said the IPL is a “wonderful concept” as it offers earning opportunities to young Indian players. “Earlier, we used to rely on services, railways, Nirlon — you remember Gavaskar used to play for Nirlon — to support players. Today, the players are able to support themselves. So as a structure, as a concept, it is absolutely wonderful,” Rai said.

Asked what is wrong with IPL, he says, “what’s gone wrong is the greed of people in control to be deriving personal benefit out of it. There is no reason why the accounts of IPL or the accounts of BCCI should not be available for public scrutiny. If I were seeking to be heading BCCI, what do I have to hide?


In a private company, you have a set of auditors, you have a board, you publish the quarterly results also and you have an AGM where people can get up and ask questions. Here (in BCCI/IPL), you cannot ask questions and if .”


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