Mohammad Hafeez has resigned as the captain Pakistan in Twenty20 format following the failure to stipulate for the semifinal of the 2014 ICC World Twenty20. Pakistan got defeated at the hands of West Indies in a group match on Tuesday. Shahid Afridi is the frontrunner to take on the duty.

Hafeez has taken the blame for getting defeated by the Caribbean, copping up a supplication with the buffs in order to admit the defeat with a sportsman spirit and not react like a ‘bad loser’. “We hold responsibility for playing shabbily against the West Indies in the vital match but we must also not be bad losers. They played better on that day to beat us.” He stated to the reporters at Karachi airport after arriving back home from Dhaka.

The old hand players called attention to the point that win and defeat are the essential part of a game. “We know people are saddened and we take the blame for not delivering our best performance but we must not behave as a bad loser.” He said.

Hafeez has also owned up that he was not appeased with his own performance in the tournament. “I didn’t score the runs I would have supposed to do and my performance was not up to the level but the team tried hard.” He added.

Senior hitter Shahid Afridi, who has come back to home earlier in the day that the team had played, has popped off that the team has performed with a negative mindset and got shot down because of this negative approach, though Hafeez does not agree with him.

“I don’t recognize what he has said because I have hardly come off the aeroplane but the team played positively in the tournament, but we were not respectable enough on the given day,” he stated.


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