An unexpected interaction between two players, who are believed as rivals, left people in amusement. They must be thinking how did it possible?

A random interaction on twitter between Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth, the tragic hero of slap gate and villain of spot fixing scam respectively, left people wondering. An interaction between tainted Indian fast bowler Sreesanth and spinner Harbhajan Singh started over a tweet of HT City which posts an image of Sreesanth’s daughter Sreesanvika inside the car. The tweet read, “Cuteness overload: @sreesanth36 with his daughter Sreesaanvika!”

After noticing the tweet Harbhajan Singh, who recently got married to actress Geeta Basra, blessed Sreesanth and his daughter.

In 2008, IPL Mumbai Indians player Harbhajan Singh slapped Sreesanth during the routine round of handshake among the players of Mumbai and Punjab. Singh’s slap left his teammate in tear. Later Harbhajan was banned from the remaining tournament while Sreesanth was let to go with a warning.

Indian fans were stunned by the on-field drama as the camera focused Sreesanth who was sobbing.

Later in 2013, while playing Rajasthan Royals Sreesanth was found guilty of spot fixing with two other players. This fixing allegation jeopardises his cricket career. After fighting a long battle, he was finally freed from the match-fixing charges by the Supreme Cout of India as no evidence of fixing was found against him.
Sreesanth got married to Rajasthan girl Bhuvneshwari Kumari. The bowler said that she stood by him when he was in jail. “I would not have survived jail if not for my wife,” said Sreesanth.

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