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Hearing Date Of Du Plessis’ Appeal In Mintgate Verdict Confirmed 

Hearing Date Of Du Plessis’ Appeal In Mintgate Verdict Confirmed
Apeeal against Mintgate verdict to be heard on 19th december

South African captain Faf Du Plessis was found guilty of tampering the ball against Australia which took the cricketing world by storm. The ICC has confirmed that the decision regarding Du Plessis’s appeal  against his guilty verdict would be heard on December 19th, 2016.

Michael Beloff would be the judicial commissioner who would hear the appeal according to the ICC. Du Plessis is to join the hearing via telephone and the Legal counsel for both the parties are to be present in person during the meeting.

Du Plessis was found guilty of ball tampering as he was caught on camera chewing a white lolly, licking his finger on the mint and repeatedly shining and rubbing the ball against while the match against the Aussies. Du Plessis breached Article 2.2.9 of the ICC’s code of conduct in the process which got him into trouble.

The verdict went against Du Plessis as there were evidence and representations  from the umpires as well as Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) head of Cricket John Stephenson and the match referee Andy Pycroft. But Immediately after the ruling was made the south African captain made it clear that he wants to appeal the guilty verdict.

The right-hand batsman finds no truth in all the allegations made against him and believes that he is being made the “scapegoat”

Du Plessis was quoted, “I still completely disagree with [the verdict]. I felt like I’ve done nothing wrong

“It’s not like I was trying to cheat or anything, I was shining the ball. It’s something that all cricketers do”

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