Highest batting Partnership in Test Cricket

Mohit Camma / 18 August 2014

We take a look at Top batting pairs in Test Cricket. Of the 6 pairs listed in the list. The last existing pair in also going to come to an end. By end we mean that even one of the players of that pair is going to retire from Test cricket. All of you must have guessed by now, as to who the player is? If no, then you will soon find out the players name. 

The pairs who have been listed below have contributed a lot to Test Cricket and it would take us many more years to find replacements for them. Here is the list of batting pairs with most runs in test cricket –

Batting Pair Innings batted together Runs Avg Stand 100/50 Partnership
Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid 143 6920 50.51 20/29
Greenidge and Haynes 148 6482 47.31 16/26
Jayawardene and Sangakkara 119 6447 56.06 18/27
Hayden and Langer 122 6081 51.53 14/28
Cook and Strauss 132 5253 40.40 14/21
Hayden and Ponting 76 4765 67.11 16/22

Stat updated till 12 August 2014

While the Indian pair of Sachin and Dravid top the list in terms of runs, it is the Jayawardene and Sangakkara pair that top in the average stand per innings/ Also the last pair that was still active in Test Cricket was of Jayawardene and Sanagakkara, which would also come to an end after Jayawardene retires after playing is ongoing final Test Match of his career against Pakistan. One can expect this pair to cross the 2nd ranked pair of Greenidge and Haynes but getting to the top is not possible anymore.  

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