The India-England 5-match test series is set to commence from 9th July. Previously, there had been many tests between India and England and some were very much memorable for India. Also, throughout the years, we have seen several Indian batsmen making some emphatic performances. There has been plenty of openers in the likes of Virender Sehwag, Sunil Gavaskar, Gautam Gambhir who have provided India with phenomenal starts in tests. In this article we are to present the list of Top 10 Best Opening Partnerships For India Against England.

10. Vinoo Mankad and Pankaj Roy: These two batsmen have plenty of records in their name jointly. They hold the record of second highest opening partnership in tests ever. These two also made their position in this list and they stand at 10th with 106 runs. Both of them were unbeaten in this partnership and the test ended in a draw. Mankad was unbeaten on 71 while Roy was unbeaten on 31.

9. Navjot Singh Sidhu and Manoj Prabhakar: Navjot Sidhu is renowned for his attacking style of batting. He has helped India with several vital contributions on several occasions. He and Prabhakar were involved in several match winning partnerships. They scored 109 runs in their opening partnership against India in 1993 and Sidhu scored 79 in that innings while Prabhakar managed to score 44. India won the match by an innings and 15 runs.

8. Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir: These two formed one of the most destructive opening pairs for India for quite sometime. Recently, they were out of the national squad due to dip in their form but off-late Gambhir has been picked up for the Indian squad in their tour to England. These 2 stand at 8th in the list with a partnership of 117 runs against England in Chepauk in 2008. Gambhir scored 66 while Sehwag went on to score 83 runs. India won the test by 6 wickets.

7. Shib Sunder Das and Deep Dasgupta: Shib Sunder Das was the first player from Orissa to make into the national squad. Deep Dasgupta was a recognized wicket keeper batsman. Both of them opened for India for quite sometime. They had some brilliant partnerships too. One of them was of 119 runs. Das went on to score 58 in that innings and Dasgupta went onto score 60 runs in the innings. The test was drawn.

6. Motgamhalli Jasimha and Nari Contractor: These two were Indian openers in the 60s period. Both of them opened quite a few innings for India and they hold a partnership of 121 runs in a test in 1961 which makes them in the 6th position. Jasimha scored 127 runs in that innings while Contractor scored 39. The test was drawn.

5. Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir: For yet another time, these two are in the list due to their brilliant partnership of 134 runs in November, 2012. Gambhir scored 45 runs while Sehwag went on to score 117 runs. India won the match by 9 wickets.

4. Farokh Engineer and Sunil Gavaskar: Sunil Gavaskar had also paired with wicket keeper batsman Farokh Engineer in quite a few occasions and they stand at 4th in the list with a partnership of 135 runs in Bombay in 1973. Engineer scored 66 while Gavaskar scored 67 and the test was drawn.

3. Dinesh Karthik and Wasim Jaffer: This two has opened the innings for quite a few times and they stand at the 3rd position with their partnership of 147 runs. Karthik scored 77 runs in that innings while Jaffer scored 62 runs. India won the test by 7 wickets.

2. Vijay Merchant and Mushtaq Ali: They were Indian openers during the 30s. It was in 1936 when they went on to add 203 runs in the opening partnership. Merchant scored 114 runs while Ali scored 112 runs.The test was drawn.

1. Sunil Gavaskar and Chetan Chauhan: Sunil Gavaskar’s name appears for yet another time in the list. Now he is in the list with Chetan Chauhan. Their phenomenal 213 partnership in 1979 still remains the highest. Gavaskar scored 221 runs in the innings while Chetan Chauhan scored 80 runs. The test was drawn.



Sunil Gavaskar and Chetan Chauhan


Vijay Merchand and Mushtaq Ali


Dinesh Karthik and Wasim Jaffer


Farokh Engineer and Sunil Gavaskar


Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir


M Jasimha and Nari Contractor


Shib Sunder Das and Deep Dasgupta


Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir


Navjot Sidhu and Manoj Prabhakar


Vinoo Mankad and Pankaj Roy



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