Hilarious calculation by Bangladesh media, they accused ICC as India won

Sudipta / 02 April 2016

Controversy has become a regular affair in  India vs Bangladesh. In a crucial match at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, India defeated Bangladesh by one run. Bangladesh batsmen failed to score two runs from last three balls to win the match. Hardik Pandya bowled a superb delivery and partisan crowd of Bangalore forced Bangladesh to wreck their nerve. Mushfiqur Rahim and Mahmudullah had been criticised for their mistake. Indian captain MS Dhoni run to out Mushtafizur Rahman and brought India a victory was appreciated across India.

But, after eight days of that match, Bangladesh fans made an epic mistake.

We have known that India scored 146 and Bangladesh had come short of one run to draw the match. But, now some of the Bangladeshi fans took a snapshot of Cricinfo scorecard which follows ICC scorecard and reliable in the  cricket world. Indian batsmen have scored 146 (Rohit 18 + Shikhar 23+Virat 24+Raina30+Hardik15+Dhoni+13+Yuvraj Singh3+Jadeja 12+Ashwin 5+extra3=146).

But, Bangladesh fans shown they literary lacks cricket literacy as they added both wide and leg before runs to Indian bowlers’ ultimate figure, as a result, Bangladesh got extra runs. As per their theory, ICC made a mistake and helped India to get the point even after the match was drawn and Bangladesh have become a victim of ICC’s mistake. It was a hilarious thought isn’t it?

At the same time, Bangladesh bowlers’ have conceded 146 runs (Mashrafee 22+Shuvagata+24+Al Amin Hossain37+Mustafizur Rhaman34+Shakib23+Mahmudullah4+ 2 leg before =146, India’s score).

We all know that if a bowler conceded extra runs that will also be counted in his final bowling figure. But Bangladesh fans added both wide and leg before runs with bowling figure. They forgot that wide runs also included with bowlers’ ultimate figure and leg before runs conceded by a team, not by the bowlers. Indian bowlers have conceded only a single wide run and Bangladesh fans included that wide in their total figure that will make their figure 146.

Bangladesh have scored 145(Tamim35+Mithun1+Sabbir26+Shakib22+Mortaza6+Mahmudalla18+Sarkar21+Rahim11+Shuvagata 0+Mushtafizur 0+extra5=145) and lost the match by one run. But, if I add Indian bowlers total the score will be the same as Indian bowlers conceded (Nehra 29+Bumrah32+Ashwin 20+Jadeja 22+Hardik Pandya 29+Raina9+ leg before 4)145 runs.

Bangladesh couldn’t digest a simple defeat to India. So they are now coming with ridiculous calculation. They seriously lack cricket sense.

Bangladesh lost all four matches and went home after losing the final match to New Zealand. They tumbled for only 70 runs at the Eden Gardens.