No one can question the commitment of Pankaj Singh towards the game. He has been the stand-out bowler of Rajasthan for years and when it came to his debut match against England in Southampton, he gave more than what he had but was denied a wicket. He earned the tag of ‘Unlucky Pankaj’, but captain MS Dhoni had different views regarding this. 

During an interview with PTI, Pankaj said

After I didn’t get a wicket on my debut people sympathized with me and I earned the tag of ‘Unlucky Pankaj’ but MS told me that there is nothing called ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’. It matters how honest your effort was, and I have no complaints regarding that. Obviously, there was a bit of disappointment but I had given my 100%. The figures obviously didn’t reveal the true picture of my bowling.” 

He got two wickets in the next match at Old Trafford but wasn’t exactly that happy after getting the wickets late. 

He added: 

It wasn’t exactly satisfying as I got the wickets at the end of the innings. Also, it wasn’t the classical fast bowlers wickets.”

But Pankaj hasn’t lost motivation and is fit and raring to go for the Australian tour. 

I am hopeful that I’ll considered for the selection during the Australian tour. I will try to perform if I get a chance,“. he said

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