Sports fans have always been associated with doing some of the most bizarre things for the favorite sport or their team or even a certain player. From Tattoos to posters in their room to even naming their kids after their favorites, we have seen them all.

For Europeans it’s usually Football, for Americans it’s American football but In Asia, it’s usually Cricket. Believe it or not Cricket does affect some of our routine chores. From procrastination of homework for kids to men delaying their laundry and cleaning, to even postponing their wedding. Yes, their wedding.

Some Asian cricket fans shared their views and experiences of how Cricket affected or is affecting their Marriage during the live commentary on ESPNCricinfo. It turned out to be very amusing indeed.

Here is Mr.Omar who couldn’t keep his eyes off the Ashes scoreboard instead of locking it with his to-be-wife. Luckily he got away with that –

Omar: “When I got married, the Ashes was on… even when we were going to my wife’s house (with Baraat), I was checking the scores on my mobile and getting updates from my brother when it was too dangerous to check the score (like when the imaam asked “qabool hai” do you agree to the wedding)… Luckily all that was not caught on camera… My wife thinks that it was cute that I was a bit nervous….”

Matt remembers the good ol’ days when test match was actually played at test match speed –

Matt: “there was a time you could marry and get back to the match – when Geoff Boycott was batting “

Sam from Sri Lanka might hold the key for Ajantha Mendis to hitting form again –

SamSL: “When I got married, Ajantha Mendis was at his best and was sort of a hero. My wife still laughs at me how I kept following Mendis even during our honeymoon. What I think now is going for a second honeymoon, may be that will help Mendis to regain his form?”

Now this is a huge dilemma.

Sadiq Amin: “If cricket does affect our marriage, what is the best time to get married?”

Amin, judging by the next FTP plan, there is no window available in the next eight-year cycle.. There used to be one, but that has been taken by the IPL. Work around it somehow.

I’m no genius but Tahir Malik might have to wait a bit longer to get married –

 Tahir Malik: “I will get married when Misbah retires from cricket because both occurrences look impossible in the near future!!. :)”

This tactic is something I’ll surely apply if I ever get married. Pure genius this –

Jiten : “Due to the fear of heavy expenses of my wedding, my mom jokingly said that she rather have my wedding done during a world cup on a day of a big match so that the number of people reduce. I casually checked the 2015 timetable and Surprise Surprise. The World Cup starts 14 February 2015. My marriage is on 15 February 2015 when there is India v/s Pakistan 🙂 ! “

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