Steve Smith’s Australia is the current number 1 in the ICC Test ranking.  They have played 32 matches in which they have 3765 points and on the other hand England have won  the Ashes against Australia at home, defeated South Africa at their home. England has drawn was against New Zealand. The two-match series ended with a stalemate 1-1.  England has 3872 points.

But the question is why Australia stands at the top when England have 107 more points than Australia. England stands at the fourth position in the ranking chart.

In the ICC’s Test ranking list Australia has 118 ratings and England has 108 ratings.  Here too one question will come in your mind  how the points and rating system works.

The explanation is here

Each team’s new points total is then divided by its new match and series total to give an updated rating. Scoring less than an average total will cause it to fall.

The points earned from a Test win will always be more than the ratings the team had at the start of the series.  Equivalently a team losing a Test match will always score fewer points that its ratings. So a win will boost a team’ ratings and a defeat will harm it.

And a draw between a higher and lower ranked team slightly benefit the ratings of lower ranked team at the expense of the higher rated team.  On the other team, a draw between an equal rated team means the ratings will be unchanged.

The answer crystal clear as Australia played fewer matches than England and England lost or drawn more matches than Australia, so Australia stands on the top with highest ratings of 118 and England at fourth position with 108 points.

On the other hand India stands at the second position with 112 rating points in 20 matches in 2015-2016 cricket season but have 2238 points, on the other hand, New Zealand and Sri Lanka have better points than India 2449 and 2383 respectively as they have played 25 and 28 matches but they have lost more matches than India in this season.

Each team will get points for playing a match but the total points divided by the result of each match that gives an updated rating.

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