Ravichandran Ashwin has now joined the league of expressing himself to the media, a couple of days after the experienced off-spinner Harbhajan Singh spoke about not being slected in the Indian team.

Ashwin said that he is not a defensive bowler and holding an end with some tight bowling is not his job. He added that he is an attacking bowler and loves to do an attacking job.

He was critical of the team’s policies where they used him to contain the opposition on the away tours to the Western countries. He also added that he has couple of strategies in his mind on which he will be working. He has had a piece of advice from guys who have performed well in England . He feels that spinning the ball is his strength and he would like to get back to it and pick up wickets by that.

Recently , Ashwin has been criticised of being defensive and his stats outside the sub continent aren’t very great. He even lost his  place to Jadeja as the first choice spinner in the side.

On speaking about his former mentor Sunil Subramaniam, he said that he doesn’t know of what went wrong between them. But , he felt that that because of the busy International calendar, he could not go to him for advice and this might have caused all this.

Earlier Sunil had criticised Ashwin infront of the media . Talking of this, Ashwin said that Sunil should have told this to him before speaking all this to the media.

Talking of the England’s tour , he said that it will be a challenging one and the fact that most of the guys were not a part of the 2011 debacle will mean that the history won’t affect them. He added that the experience of Gautam Gambhir will help them.




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