Former Pakistan leg-spinner Danish Kaneria recently revealed that he is living on his last savings and now seeks help from Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Kaneria was found guilty of spot-fixing while playing for an English county side Essex and had sufficient evidence to confirm the claims, which resulted in his life ban. He has so far contested the ban thrice but all the hearing have gone against him.

But, Kaneria still claimed that he is innocent and wants the Indian cricket board to get into the matter and help him out. He said that he wants one last chance to prove his innocence  and wants the Indian board to connect him to the International Cricket Council (ICC) as all his pleas have so far been turned down.

The former Pakistani spinner said, “I am living on my last savings. I do not know how long I will survive. I can even teach young Indians the art of spin, can’t I? Why can’t they call me? I am one of them. Everything else has dried up for me in Pakistan, I seem to have no takers for my appeals from the PCB. I am dying.”

The 35-year-old also said that the fact that he is a minority in Pakistan has played the major role behind the ‘injustice.’ He said, “It is because I am a Hindu, a minority in Pakistan. It is because I refused to admit my involvement in spot-fixing when the ECB charged me. I want to be heard, is it very difficult to hear me out?”

The cricketer also compared his case to Mohammad Amir’s. He said, “The Scotland Yard found no evidence on me, the ECB reacted on the basis on confessions made by one cricketer. Look at the way PCB has handled Mohammad Amir’s case. What about me? Isn’t that unfair?”

Interestingly, when reminded of the fact that Aamer had admitted his guilt and things preceded afterwards, Kaneria said, “He did because he was involved, I didn’t because I was not, I was not, I was not. It’s almost like punishing me for introducing Mervyn Westfield to Anu Bhatt.”

I am a victim of racism: Kaneria

England and Walse Cricket Board (ECB) accused him of being the influencer in the match fixing the case of English cricketer Mervyn Westfield and banned him for life. He introduced Westfield to Anu Bhatt, a business tycoon based in India, who was involved in illegal cricket betting. He also accused ECB of racism.

The Karachi-born Hindu cricketer said, “They blamed me for everything, I was out of the national selection but still played domestic cricket in Pakistan. I am blamed, punished for a crime I have not committed. When I appealed against the ECB ruling, Westfield did not even testify and yet, ECB was relying on his statements. Isn’t this racism?”

He further added, “See what I have been reduced to by the ECB, the ICC and PCB. I cannot play any cricket which falls under the ambit of PCB. I cannot visit a PCB ground, nor can I train at their facilities. I cannot even meet my former cricketer friends. It’s like living under house arrest,”

Only BCCI can save my life, and whatever cricket is left in me: Kaneria

Kaneria still practices regularly and believes that a few years of cricket is still left in him and only BCCI can help him to save that and his life. He said,  “Only BCCI can save me. Anurag Thakur (the Secretary) should consider my case and urge Shashank Manohar (the President) to speak to the ICC. Lift the ban, help me get an honourable exit. It will save me, my life, and whatever cricket is left in me.”

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