Sreesanth, who is known to have kept the cool till now even after so many negatives, has now opened up about the pressure he went through. Once a hero of Indian cricket, after going though the most dramatic stages of his life that can be thought of, said in an interview that he even thought of taking the most extreme measure one could think of- ending up his life.

“Initially I thought about suicide. I could overcome because of my devotion to Lord Ettumanoorappan (Lord Shiva in Ettumanoor Mahadevar temple, Kerala) and the support given by my family”, he said.

Sreesanth's bowling action

But now as the court has cleared him of all charges of IPL spot-fixing case, rays of hope has again emerged for a revival of his cricketing career. 

 “I have sought an appointment with BCCI Secretary Anurag Thakur. He has told a TV channel that I can file an application requesting to lift the ban. I am hopeful after an indication from the higher-ups of the BCCI that it would consider my request. So I want to file an application. I am waiting for his (Anurag) call. I hope the next meeting of the BCCI would take a favourable decision,” Sreesanth mentioned.

He later added that if BCCI does not respond, he will not appeal for the lift of the ban still imposed upon his playing.

We hope that justice prevails without any unnecessary harm to anyone and the clear picture appears soon.

Source: ABP

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