On Friday, Ireland’s cricket management team manifested frustration at watching Dublin-born Eoin Morgan placed in the team as England skipper for the upcoming ICC World Cup, but their complaints are unlikely to create huge sympathy.

Former Ireland skipper and chief selector Alan Lewis said it was “irritating” that Eoin Morgan, who originally made his One Day International debut in Ireland, will lead England team at the ICC World Cup which starts on 14th February.

Lewis told the Slog Sweep podcast that Ireland would be in a much healthier place had Eoin Morgan and defector Boyd Rankin not abscond to play for England national team.

He added that it is a little bit infuriating to think where they could be if Eoin and Boyd were available for them.

Pace bowler Rankin’s desertion misfired when he was unsuccessful to make the England World Cup team, but that did wee to ease Lewis’s frustrations.

He said that he looks at the England structure and over the last 10 years, 3 people from Ireland where cricket is the 4th or 5th sport are playing for a country (England) whose national game is cricket.

He was quoted saying:I wouldn’t want to deprive Eoin Morgan the opportunity with the ability he has, I’d want to play at the top level, and in honesty every Irish supporter would wish him well, it’s a great story, but it’s a great frustration. To get our players back, that’s part of the next step.”

But Ireland discovered themselves in a difficult place when it comes to the use of foreign skills, and Alan’s statement drew criticism from cricket fans.


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