The International Cricket Council (ICC) declared the venue allotment benchmark for the quarter-finals of the International Cricket Council World Cup 2015 which will be held from 14th February to 29th March, 2015. If World Cup co-hosts New Zealand and Australia were to licensed from Pool A, they will compete their quarter-finals in Adelaide and Wellington 20th and 21st March respectively.

The recent rankings list England and Sri Lanka as the two next highest ranked teams in Pool A. If these two teams qualify for the quarter finals, Sri Lanka will play in Sydney on 18th March and England will play in Melbourne 19th March, notwithstanding of where in the top four these teams end.

International Cricket Council general manager Geoff Allardice was quoted saying:  “It is customary for the ICC to afford the hosts the opportunity to play knock-outs at home where possible during the World Cup. It is also usual for the ICC to assign venues to the higher ranked teams on the assumption they will progress through the pool stage. This is done to assist teams and spectators with their planning by giving them greater certainty. On this basis, the ICC has allocated quarter-final venues to the next two highest ranked teams from Pool A.”

Let us assume, if Sri Lanka team are unable to reach the quarter final, the Pool A team that qualifies instead of Sri Lanka will play in Sydney on 18th March. The venues for quarter-finalist teams from Pool B will be identified by their Pool A opponents on the basis of their ending positions in the group stage.

Let us assume, if current champions India top Pool B in position B1, they will play against the Pool A team that ends in position A4. Therefore, if Sri Lanka end in position A4 then India will play Sri Lanka in Sydney on 18th March. As far as semi-finals are agitated, if Australia and New Zealand qualify, they will play at home unless they are planned to meet each other. In this case, the side that finished higher in Pool A will organize the match.

Quarter-Final Matches:
Quarter-final 1 – A1 v B4
Quarter-final 2 – A2 v B3
Quarter-final 3 – A3 v B2
Quarter-final 4 – A4 v B1

A1 means the side that tops Pool A while B4 means the side that finishes fourth in Pool B

Quarter-Final Dates and Venues:
March 18 at Sydney Cricket Ground
March 19 at Melbourne Cricket Ground
March 20 at Adelaide Oval
March 21 at Wellington Stadium

Semi-Final Matches:
Semi-final 1 – winner QF1 (A1 v B4) v winner QF3 (A3 v B2)
Semi-final 2 – winner QF2 (A2 v B3) v winner QF4 (A4 v B1)

Semi-Final Dates and Venues:
March 24 at Eden Park, Auckland
March 26 at Sydney Cricket Ground

Final Date and Venue:
March 29 at Melbourne Cricket Ground


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